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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor - AOZ1282xx EZBuck™ 1.2A Simple Buck Regulator - 27 July 2012

The AOZ128xxx series is a high efficiency, simple to use, 1.2A buck regulator flexible enough to be optimized for a variety of applications.

AOZ1282CI - SOT23-6.
AOZ1282DI - DFN2x2-8L.

AOZ1284PI (SO8) is a high voltage, high efficiency, simple to use, 4A buck regulator optimized for a variety of applications.

The AOZ1284 integrates an N-channel high-side power MOSFET and works from a 3.0V to 36V input voltage range, and provides up to 4A of continuous output current. The output voltage is adjustable from 30V down to 0.8V.

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    Key Features
  • 4.5V to 36V operating input voltage range.
  • 240mΩ internal NMOS.
  • Up to 95% efficiency.
  • Internal compensation.
  • 1.2A continuous output current.
  • Fixed 450kHz PWM operation.
  • Internal soft start.
  • Output voltage adjustable down to 0.8V.
  • Cycle-by-cycle current limit.
  • Short-circuit protection.
  • Thermal shutdown.
  • Small size SOT23-6L.

  • Applications
  • Point of load DC/DC conversion.
  • Set top boxes and cable modems.
  • DVD drives and HDDs.
  • LCD Monitors & TVs.
  • Telecom/Networking/Datacom equipment.

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