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PLX Technology, Inc. - Ultra High Lane Count PCI Express Gen3 Switches - 7 August 2012

PLX has announced a new trio of ultra-high lane count PCI Express (PCIe) Gen3 switches developed for cutting-edge markets like storage systems, high-end graphics, and communications platforms.

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    The high-performance ExpressLane™ PCIe Gen3 switches include:
  • PEX8796 (96 lanes, 24 ports). Designers choosing this switch -- touting bandwidth of 8 Gigatransfers per second, per lane, in full duplex mode -- are rewarded with amazing throughput of 1,536 gigabits per second (192 gigabytes/s)
  • PEX8780 (80 lanes, 20 ports)
  • PEX8764 (64 lanes, 16 ports)
  • expanding the PLX® portfolio to 14 PCIe Gen3 devices.

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