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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor - 8V Power MOSFETs - Lower Power,Extend Battery Life - 14 August 2012

The AON2400 and AON2401 feature ultra-low on-resistance rated at 1.2VGS to extend battery life in low voltage applications.

Housed in a thermally enhanced DFN2x2 power package the compact footprint (2mm x 2mm) and ultra-thin (0.6 mm) profile and are available in N-Channel and P-Channel versions.

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  • Smart-phones
  • Tablet PCs
  • UltraBook computers
  • eReaders
  • Digital cameras
  • Portable music players

  • Device Specification Table
    ProductBVDSS (V)VGS (V)RDS(ON)MAX @ 2.5V GS (mOhms)RDS(ON)MAX @ 1.8V GS (mOhms)RDS(ON)MAX @ 1.5V GS (mOhms)RDS(ON)MAX @ 1.2V GS (mOhms)

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