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ZOWIE Technology Corporation - The ZOWIE Diode Advantage - 11 September 2012

Standard recovery rectifiers (glass passivated).

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    Key Features
  • Small form-factor, low profile, industry standard chip style packages and footprints (same style as resistor and capacitor packages).
  • Low Vf and Ir specifications, as good as or in many cases better than, any in the industry.
  • High power density, i.e. higher voltage/current combinations for a given footprint.
  • Ex stock on cut tape and full reels.
  • Many parts available to buffer with no liability to the customer.

  • Part NoPeak Repetitive Reverse Voltage (VRMM)Max. Avg Rectified Current (Io)Max. Peak Forward Surge Current@8.3ms IF SM (Surge)Max. Reverse Current@25°C TA IRMax. Forward Voltage@25°C TA IFMax. Forward Voltage@25°C TA VFLow VF Schottky

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