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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor - XS Series MOSFET Packaging Technology - 25 October 2012

AOS sets new standard with XS Series MOSFET packaging technology.

Best-in-class performance and power density, critical for high efficiency server, telecom, data storage and motor control applications.

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    Key Features
  • XSFET incorporates the packaging technology where the bottom of the package is the "source", which enables power designers to remove heat more effectively to PCB ground plane.
  • Features a large top heat slug which can be "top-exposed" or "non top-exposed" depending upon design criteria.
  • Top-exposed version delivers a significant increase in heat transfer, which helps to reduce power losses in a system by keeping the die cooler.
  • Offers standard lead-frame based board mounting in a fully encapsulated DFN molded package, minimizing the thermal discrepancy between the device and the PCB while offering near zero parasitic inductance.

  • Device Specification Table
    Part NumberPackageTop ExposedVdsVgsTyp Rds(ON) @ 10VTyp Rds(ON) @ 4.5VTyp Qg @ 4.5VId @ TA = 25°C (A)Id @ TA = 100°C (A)
    AOE6770TXS-5x6Yes25 V±20 V1.25 mOhm1.95 mOhm40 nC145 A90 A
    AOE6772TXS-5x6Yes25 V±16 V1.15 mOhm1.6 mOhm50 nC145 A90 A
    AOE7770TXS-3x3Yes30 V±20 V2.4 mOhm3.4 mOhm14 nC76 A48 A
    AOE6580XS-5x6No30 V±20 V0.78 mOhm1.4 mOhm34 nC150 A95 A
    AOE6580TXS-5x6Yes30 V±20 V0.78 mOhm1.4 mOhm34 nC178 A112 A

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