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Energy Micro AS - Energy-Efficient MCUs for Remote Medical Systems - 12 December 2012

Energy Micro announces a partnership with Lamprey Networks Inc. (LNI) to provide energy friendly, secure and certified remote monitoring medical electronic systems.

Using a standard EFM32 starter-kit and HealthLink PC tools, the design includes a USB driver and communications protocol stack.

The demo platform is based on the USB versions of Energy Micro's EFM32 Leopard and Giant Gecko ranges of Cortex-M3 based. It will also be applicable to the forthcoming Cortex-M4 floating-point Wonder Gecko.

The energy efficient 32-bit design facilitates fast, reliable development of patient monitoring systems, many of which require high performance processing matched to the lowest possible energy consumption in order to maximize battery life.

In addition to USB stacks, LNI provides implementations of their HealthLink interface and protocols that operate on common platforms such as Android, Windows, Linux and iOS.

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