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Alpha and Omega Semiconductor - Alpha and Omega AON6250 150V Power MOSFET - 29 June 2013

The AON6250 is well suited for a wide range of applications that are pushing the limits of efficiency such as primary side and secondary side switching in telecom and industrial DC/DC converters, secondary side synchronous rectification in DC/DC and AC/DC converters, as well as solar micro-inverters, and POL modules for telecom systems.

AON6250 delivers fast switching performance and the on-resistance of this device is 57% lower than the previous generations and is 8% lower than the leading 150V devices. AON6250 delivers the best figure-of-merit for RDS(ON) * COSS, thereby reducing the energy loss incurred during switching. The result is increased efficiency in both light-load and heavy-load conditions.


  • 150V N-channel MOSFET in a DFN5x6 package
  • RDS(ON) < 16.5 mOhms max at VGS = 10V (lowest in the industry)
  • COSS = 213 pF typ
  • Qg (10V) = 30.5 nC typ
  • Lowest RDS(ON) * COSS figure-of-merit in the market
  • 100% Rg and UIS tested
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AON6250N-channel MOSFET Vds= 150V, Ids= 52A, Vgs(th)= 3.4V DFN 5x6 -55~150 deg CRoHsTape/reel3000DFN 5x6 Ask Me! 7130000
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