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WIZNET HK LTD - WizFi210 & WizFi220 - Antenna requirements - 25 January 2012

WIZnet now supply the WizFi210 and WizFi220 in three versions according to antenna type.

  • Ver 1 - It includes U.FL connector and 10pF capacitor on the upward antenna path.

  • WizFi210_CON, WizFi220_CON

  • Ver 2 - It includes chip antenna and 0 ohm resistor on the left path antenna.

  • WizFi210_CA, WizFi220_CA

  • Ver 3 - It does not include any antenna or antenna connector. 0 ohm resistor is mounted on the right antenna path. Customers need to match the antenna impedance on their board for their own antenna connection.

  • WizFi210_EX, WizFi220_EX

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