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NXP Semiconductors - NXP Unveils Agile I/O with I2C - 25 October 2012

NXP's new family of 8-bit and 16-bit GPIO devices featuring "Agile I/O" - an innovative option integrating the most commonly needed functions in embedded systems.

Flexibility, Choice and Availability
The extensive selection of device options and packages allows system designers to select the right device for their designs at the optimum price point. The new GPIO expanders will be offered in TSSOP, as well as 0.5-mm pitch QFN package options, with the first product types available immediately.
The PCA(L)6408AHK is also released in a smaller 0.4-mm pitch QFN and the PCA(L)6416AEV in 0.5-mm pitch BGA. The Agile I/O version of both of these devices will also be released in a 0.4-mm pitch BGA package for the growing thin portable market.


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    Key Features
  • An interrupt pin that reports back to the control processor when an input has changed state.
  • A hardware reset pin to return the device to its default state without powering down the part.
  • Two power-supply pins to enable simple level-shifting between different voltage domains.

  • In addition, the Agile I/O includes important software-programmable features, including:
  • An input latch to retain the input state.
  • Internal pull-up and pull-down resistors.
  • An interrupt mask which reduces interrupt traffic to the microcontroller and improves interrupt service response.
  • Interrupt register reports to identify which input actually caused an interrupt.
  • An output drive strength control to minimize system noise when multiple outputs switch simultaneously.

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