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NXP Semiconductors - NXP's Complete USB 3.0 Signal Integrity Solution - 12 December 2012

As computing systems become faster, signal integrity tends to deteriorate more rapidly than in slower systems.

NXP's USB 3.0 redriver solution provides signal equalization on a weakened signal, followed by transmit de-emphasis, thus maximizing link performance, enhancing signal integrity and improving system reliability.

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    Key Features
  • USB 3.0 uses differential signal technology with 10 times higher signal speed (5 Gbps) than USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) for high bandwidth data transmission
  • NXP's USB 3.0 redriver solution includes on-chip equalization technologies at receiving and transmitting sides
  • NXP's USB 3.0 redriver solution provides an easy and low risk migration from USB 2.0 system to USB 3.0 system without changing form factor and PCB board material (FR4) shortening design cycle time, saving development cost and ensuring interface compatibility
  • NXP's USB 3.0 MUX switches offer the widest bandwidth up to 10GHz

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